About project WeNeT

The project purpose is creations of the central National portal for adaptation of modules E-Learning for preparation and retraining of target groups of tourist area. Duration of project WeNeT from 29.03.2010 till 1.01.2010. Higher educational institutions and the branch ministries of Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus take part in the project. In total in a consortium of project WeNeT an input of 29 organisations


The global goals of the project:

  • Maintain the process of reform and restructuring in Belarusian, Georgian and Ukrainian partner universities, and support their integration into the European educational space;
  • The expansion and intensification of educational cooperation in the tourism sector of the EU and Eastern European neighbors;
  • Using the know-how and experience of partner universities as educational institutions to increase their contribution to the establishment of a training system in tourism throughout life;

Specific goals the project:

  • Formation of partner universities in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine network of remote training courses for professionals tourism partner countries;
  • Methodological and didactic training of project participants on the issues of distance learning;
  • Professional development of project participants in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine on current topics of tourism;
  • Development and implementation of distance training courses on travel to the target groups in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, including provision of the necessary infrastructure;
  • The spread in the partner countries and beyond the results achieved by the project, the expansion of distance learning courses of professional development for the tourism industry by attracting other universities and stakeholder management of tourism industry.

About the project

Project E-Learning-Weiterbildungsnetzwerk im Tourismus (Belarus, Georgien und Ukraine).

Expected results of the project work:
E-Learning-Weiterbildungsnetzwerk im Tourismus (Belarus, Georgien und Ukraine) – Wenet

Project duration WeNeT to 01/01/2010 to 01/09/2013.

The project includes higher education institutions and line ministries in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus.

In total the project consortium consists of 29 organizations WeNeT.

The aim of the project is to create a central portal for the National Adaptation E-Learning modules for training and retraining of the target groups of the tourist area.

1. Given the favorable geographic location, which includes such tourist centers of gravity, as the Carpathians, Crimea, Shatsky lakes, etc., Ukraine is a promising country for the integrated development of the tourist area.

2. According to the requirements of the market and the growing interest in the tourist area, to develop and approve the list of E-learning modules for training courses and training in project Wenet.

3. Establishing a central portal of the National Institute on the basis of correspondence and distance learning National Transport University in order to adapt to the remote platform "Prometheus" E-learning modules and distance learning and training the target groups of the tourist area in different regions of Ukraine.

Given the continued growth of information flows in a tourist area and limited ongoing access to innovative information in the field of tourism, the use of distance learning in the on-line help raise the skills far from the major educational centers, having at its disposal a minimum of means (Internet). 

4.Sozdanie mobile school computer lab with high-speed connection to the Internet via a mobile communication system.

5. Internships in European universities to study the European experience in the field of tourism and international cooperation in the field of tourism.

6. Advanced training courses and training in project Wenet to increase tourism education in Ukrainian universities (according to the purposes of the "State program of development of tourism in Ukraine, 2002-2010").

7. Conduct professional exchanges between the partner universities that participate in the program, to improve the quality of vocational training in the field of tourism education and promoting cooperation between countries in the development of tourism.

8. Creating a network ІNTERNET site TEMPUS TACIS WeNeT to disseminate the project results.

WeNeT proposed project is aimed at supporting the processes of reform and restructuring in Belarusian, Ukrainian and Georgian partner universities, facilitating their integration into the European educational space, the expansion and intensification of cooperation between the EU and its Eastern neighbors in the area of ​​education in tourism. In addition, the project will be used to expand the knowledge and know-how of universities in the development and implementation of training courses for the training of specialists throughout life focused on the practical needs and requirements of the relevant market.

The project will form an interstate network of distance training courses for professionals tourism partner universities, national and regional tourism agencies and organizations in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine. In the future, Belarusian, Georgian and Ukrainian teachers will improve their methodological and didactic skills for current topics of tourism economy and on distance learning in higher education partner of the EU.

Later in the partner universities in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine a modern information technology infrastructure, developed and implemented e-learning portals, and finally merged into a single network at national and international platforms, remote training on travel. With the application of advanced know-how in the field of tourism and e-learning project teams in the partner universities will develop and implement a distance learning program and training courses that meet the requirements of the labor market, in order to continuously offer their professionals and tourism industry leaders in their countries, and well as other stakeholders in the education system throughout life.

The achieved results of the project and the acquisition of professional know-how in the field of tourism and distance education will be extended in the partner countries and elsewhere in higher education and tourism. As the draft WeNeT will start for the long term on the basis of an interstate network of remote training for travel, the network will expand its functions and after the project and contribute to a stable partnership members. Therefore, in the future plans to expand the established network of remote training for travel, drawing in her other universities, enterprises, institutions and organizations and individuals from the public and private tourism sector. This will ensure long-term sustainable use of the project results WeNeT.